More info about our Men's Ministry at Easthaven


Our Goal:

Growing as men of God

Gathering together to build friendships 

Supporting each other

Winning the life battle

Engaging together to take action with our families

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


• Weekly Bible Studies

• Iron Man Groups

• Saturday Breakfasts

• Annual Retreat

• Iron Sharpens Iron Conference (valley-wide event)

• Service projects

• Activity/hobby groups

Why you need to be involved? How are you doing? Are you growing as a man of God? How are my friendships? How is your marriage? How is your family?

• Don't go it alone

• Grow as a man of God

• Who has your back? 

• Realize that God has equipped you with gifting, you have what it takes.

• Support others and others support you

You are invited to get involved.

If you have questions or need info, contact: 

Justin McKerrow at | (406) 261-7843

Bill Phillips at |  (406) 261-3104